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Posted: Saturday, February 28, 2004 12:07 PM

Welcome &
Lost Members
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  Note for the Editor


Waltaud Frenz: sponsored by her husband Guenther, Waltraud joined in Frebruary. She was born in Pforzheim and makes her home in Kildeer.

Ruth Bohn: sponsored by Frank Wimmer, Ruth joined in March.  She was born in ulm an der donau and now lives in Vernon Hills.

Margaret Knepp: sponsored by her father Lionel Walder, Margaret joined in April.  She was born in Hollywood, Florida, and now lives in buffalo Grove.

Frederic Leinweber: sponsored by Siegfried Endlichhofer, Frederic joined in april.  He was born in chicago and nove lives in lombard. 

John h. Maier: sponsored by Helga Zettl. John joined in April.  He was born and still lives in lake forest.

Emma Wolf: sponsored by Siegfried Endlichhofer, Emma joined in May.  She was born in Winterlingen in the area of Ebingen/Baliingen im Schwabenland.  She now lives in Chicago.

Brian Hamm:  Last not least, it has been a brought to our attention the we never properly welcomed Brian Hamm to the Schwaben Verein.  Sponsored by Guenther Frenz.  Brian joined in July of 2004.  He was born in chicago and lives in Wheaton.

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Lost Members:

Irv Braack was a member since 1964 and passed away on December 29, 2004.  He was 84 years old.

Karl Marquart was a member since 1964.  He passed away on January 220th of this year.  He was 66 years old.

Arthur Schmelka: was a member since 1971.  he passed away on April 12 of this year in Lehigh Acres, Florida. He was 72 years old.

Fred Drueck, Jr. was a member of over 50 years.  He joined the Schwaben Verein in 1947 and passed away this past April.



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128th Annual Cannstatter Volksfest - The Schwaben Fest

It is spring, which means also getting ready for the Cannstatter Volksfest - Schwaben Fest on August 20 and 21, 2005.

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Board Meetings

As you know, EVERY member in good standing -male or female - is welcome to attend board meetings. The dates of the board meetings are listed on page four of the Schwaben News.

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Membership Meetings

March 3th, 7:30 pm ………….. board of directors
April 7st , 7:30 pm …………… board of directors
May 5th , 7:30 pm …………… board of directors
June 2rd , 7:30 pm …………… board of directors
June 12th , 2:00 pm …………… 2nd membership
July …………………………… meeting

July 31st, 2:00 pm ……....…… 3rd membership
August 4th, 7:30 pm …………. board of directors
August 20th & 21st, …………..128th Schwaben Fest
September 1nd , 7:30 pm …… board of directors
October 6th , 7:30 pm………… board of directors
October 22rd , ………………… Octoberfest
November 3th, 7:30 pm………. board of directors
November 6th , 1:00 pm ...….. 4th membership & election & Schillerfeier
December 1nd , 7:30 pm ……. board of directors
December 11th ,1:00 pm ……. Christmas Party

See you at the next meeting !

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Schwaben Charity Fund:

To honor deceased relatives and friends with a memorial or to make an endowment to the fund please contact the treasurer Anton R. Iberle

For Anton's address and or phone number, please contact the Schwaben Verein.

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The Schwaben Center for Your Parties:

Always consider first the Schwaben Center for your social affairs such as:

  • weddings
  • birthday parties
  • anniversaries
  • etc.

    The Grove
    Banquets Catering and meeting rooms
    Hanna & Adam Hryniewicki
    301 N. Weiland Road
    Fx 847-229-1240


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What’s Happening Elsewhere?

So long to the Schwäbischer Frauen Verein. After 105 years the remaining 14 ladies have decided to dissolve the Schwäbische Frauen Verein. At our last membership meeting, the members of the Schwaben Verein unanimously voted to accept the ladies into the Schwaben Verein as honorary members. We welcome the following ladies Frieda Ambacher, Betty Anton, Henrietta Baltes, Gisela Boehm, Karola Djurovich, Eleanor Dumentat, Ida Gutberlet, Fannie Hauser, Maria Hettich, Hildegaard Holz, Joyce Luciani, Maria Schilli, Johanna Streder and Luise Moell. Congratulations, and we hope to meet and greet you at our next membership meeting in February.

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Schwaben Facts

A wonderful web-site for everything Swabian. Unfortunately, it is only available in German. Its author is a product manager by the name of Klaus Brecht who lives, obviously, in Schwaben . I will draw from it frequently when it comes to Schwaben facts. And I already learned a hard reality. I was not able to successfully complete the Schwaben-Puzzle, remaining a Reingschmeckter”, a newcomer. There always is a lot to learn.

The Schwabenexpress claims that Carl Laemmle from Laupheim was the founder of Hollywood. He emigrated to Chicago in 1884 where he opened up his first movie theater in 1906. Later, he created the world famous Hollywood in a suburb of Los Angeles. He reportedly founded the Universal Movie Pictures Company and is credited with the discovery of such star personalities as Mary Pickford and Erich von Strohheim.

Note From the Editor:

I would like to use this spot to introduce myself as the new editor of Schwaben News, thanking, first and foremost, my predecessor, Kurt Gebert, who founded the News and had created and improved them over many year. I will follow his design, but due to the idiosyncrasies of computer programs, I cannot just copy and paste from his previous work, as the programs in different versions turn out not to be completely compatible. I am, therefore forced to do some of the formatting myself. And as I am not a professional, this does not come easy. So if you find some clumsiness in this present and some future edition of Schwaben-News, some things that do not look quite right, please bare with me. I am learning by doing, and one day I will have it together.

My name is Uli Senz. I grew up in the very rural area of the Ostalbkreis in the East of Baden-Württemberg, in a village called Zipplingen, Gemeinde Unterscheidheim, by Bopfingen, and I went to the University of Tübingen. I have lived in Chicago since 1989. I am one of the late comers, being here on account of my wife, Adrianne, who grew up in Skokie. She worked for the U.S. army hospital in Heidelberg for many years before it was time to keep my promise to move to Chicago with her.

We live on the north side of Chicago and have three children. I have been an active member of the Verein for about 4 years now. I used to do part-time work for the German language newspapers, so I had the opportunity to gtt to know the clubs in our area pretty well.

One of my hope for the future of the Schwaben News it that it will become a little more of a medium where members report about themselves and what is going on in their lives. Why not report about you, your families, anything that you might want to share with your friends in the Verein, e.g. the birth of a child, a grandchild, a retirement, you name it…. Further down in this edition, you will find a category called “Share your news”. It will remain empty this time, except for my contact information, and I want to encourage you to give me things to report in the next edition. Meanwhile, feel free to give me your opinion and your suggestions, for the Schwaben News, as well as in general, I hope we will make the best of it. Write, call, e-mail….!

I am looking forward to working on this.

Uli Senz

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