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Thoughts About the Future of the Schwaben Verein:

Our membership is rapidly aging and it is becoming more and more difficult to put on large events such as our annual Schwabenfest. The flow of new immigrants from Germany has slowed to a trickle and is no longer a viable source for additional members. However, some possible solutions to that dilemma may be fairly close at hand.

One might be to encourage more women to become actively involved in all affairs of the Verein. Statistically, women outlive men by several years. So there are more of them around, many of them very capable of looking for meaningful activities.

Ladies, keep that in mind! Our board meetings are open to all members and that certainly includes women. With additional support from women, especially as members of the board, the future of the Verein would look much brighter than it would be without them. Around the time I became active in the Verein - I had been a passive member for many years - women finally and after heated debates were allowed to be full-fledged members of the Verein. And see how far we have come! For several years no we had at least two ladies on the board, Really, what would we do without them?

Another possibility might be to work toward even closer cooperation with the Schawben AC. The current president of the Schwaben Verein, George Boehm, already has laid the ground work for it. From the very beginning of his reign he has been working diligently to improve the formerly uneasy atmosphere between the two clubs. His inducing a group of ladies from the Schwaben AC to provide urgently needed assistance to run out last Schwabenfest is just on example.

Kurt Gebert, Editor

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